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Honeybees are vital to our society!  

It is so important to our society that we take care of our honeybee population!

Food Production
Honeybees are actually very necessary to our existence. They are very aggressive pollinators and pollination is vital in the production of our food crops. In some cases where the bee population is small, millions of bees have to be transported by trucks in order to pollinate crops.

Bees give us one of nature's sweetest foods: Honey! Nectar is collected from flowers and taken back to the hive where it is processed into honey. The honey is stored in the honeycomb as food for the colony. However, the bees end up with a surplus of honey and it is this that we take when we "rob" the hive.

Some researchers believe honeybees have the ability to identify certain flowers which give specific nectar flavors and thus produce the type of honey they want.

Healing Benefits
Many people, now and through the years, have believed honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and even bee venom to have healing properties.

Natural bees wax from the comb has been used for many things through the years such as, cosmetics, skin care products, candles and much more.

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